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Gellerts Nurseries Ltd.

Originally formed in 1988 as Gellerts Glasshouses for the production of tomatoes and cucumbers, today the Gellert group of companies is devoted to growing high quality vegetable seedlings and selected houseplants.

Operating out of a (15 acre) property at Karaka, South Auckland, growing takes place in 3.hectares of heated greenhouses with additional 8,500 square metres being built. Houseplants are grown in approximately half of the total growing area.

The greenhouse environment is controlled by using the most up to date technology available. Heating is by a boiler system fuelled by natural gas. The house plant area has a full rolling bench system and the whole property is fully automated.

The growing facilities ensure that production is of the highest quality with the company continually keeping up to date with the latest world-wide growing techniques.

Gellert’s prides itself on producing top quality plants and is always looking for innovation to stay at the forefront of plant production.