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Zamioculcas - Black Knight


About Zamioculcas - Black Knight

Black Knight is all about effortless class. A NZ NEW cultiver of the black Zamioculcas 'ZZ'. Boasting the same 'thrive on neglect' attributes as the orginal green ZZ. Shooting up green feathered foliage - which darkens to a glossy purple-black as it matures.

Care Advice

A little tough love with watering approx once a month! 

ZZ are very hardy indoor plant in that they will tolerate low light and bright (indirect) light areas. ZZ also like to feel rootbound, so do not rush to repot until pot is starting to lose its shape!


IMPORTANT NOTE - PVR - Plant Variety Right - Cultiver 'Super Nova'

This means - any propagation for commercial sale requires owners of rights permission. Hobbyists are not exempt and if they prop with the intention to sell or actually sell, that is an infringement.