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About Ferns

We have a range of Fern varieties to add to our Gellerts range this 2020!

A collection of attractive Ferns each with different, decorative leaves. Part of our Air So Pure range, these lush green beauties absorb the carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen, creating a healthy indoor climate.

Our collection includes Bird's Nest, Boston, Staghorn, Bluestar and Pteris.

Care Advice

Give the green curls plenty of water. Make sure that the pot soil remains damp.

Don’t water into the heart of the plant - it doesn’t like it.  Regular spray your fern with a plant spray, and give it some extra food once a week.  Place it in a light spot, but not in direct sunlight.   You can fertilise with a soluble fertiliser during the growing season.


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Staghorn Fern
Staghorn Fern
Birds Nest Fern - Crissie
Birds Nest Fern - Crissie
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