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Watercolour Orchids


About Watercolour Orchids

For over three years Gellerts have been working closely with their partners in Holland to bring the Watercolour Orchid range to New Zealand’s shores for the first time. 

With multiple test batches to ensure the perfect amount of colour and longevity for your Watercolour Orchid.  As elegant as they are striking in a range of vibrant colours, these uniquely coloured Orchids will stand out as jewels amongst your indoor jungle. 

The first in this range, the Blue Orchid, with it's brightly coloured blooms and strong jewel tones, is an absolute feast for the eyes. 


**Available from Kings Plant Barn 

** Available from Mitre 10 Nationwide

Care Advice

Our Watercolour Orchids are just as easy to care for as a standard Phalaenopsis Orchid.  They prefer good indirect sunlight and to be watered once a week.  Watercolour Orchids use a very specific proprietary colouring process to colour our Phalaenopsis Orchids, and are non-toxic and pet safe.  As you water them the vibrant colours of the Watercolour Orchids will over time, begin to soften to a gentle pastel.  And when the plant reblooms it does revert to it's original colour.